Yard plans

We finally have some nice spring weather here in North Dakota. Not much, but some. Any sunny hour that we're not working has been spent out in the yard. We have grand plans. Here they are:
  • Planting a hedge along the North side of our front yard. The main purpose of this hedge will be to prevent this from happening again:
 Remember when we were greeted with this on New Year's morning? We're hoping to make it a memory by slowing down the blowing snow with our soon-to-be hedge before it blows everything into our driveway. At least that's what we're hoping. It may be wishful thinking in N.D. but maybe it'll help a little. Maybe. We hope.
  • Removing the overgrown fenced dog-run (we're dog-less and don't need another spot for mosquitos to breed.)
    • We already tackled the chain-link fence and removed some of the trees. There's still much to do, but it's a start. I'll post some photos of it soon.
  • Backyard privacy fence. First, we have to figure out our property lines. One set of neighbors has already discussed that they too want to put a privacy fence in, so we're thinking we'll share the cost of at least one wall with them. Score!
  • Widening the driveway with a concrete parking pad
    • Already started this one. And I just so happen to have a phone photo of some progress:

That's my in-law's yard tractor. Mower on the back but loader on the front. Hurray for being close enough to borrow from our parents.
  • Installing a backyard patio and/or deck.
    • Not really sure of the whole design of this yet, or if it'll even happen this summer. But it'll be along the side of the house, utilizing the existing exterior door into our kitchen. The area is currently quite sloped, so we're thinking it'll be some sort of terraced deck and patio combo. We'll see.
  • Installing our free* hot tub sunken into the deck. *The tub was given to my handsome hubby by a friend but needs some repairs before it's in working order. The friend decided to upgrade to a larger size rather than fix it. Nice!
  • Finishing the front yard's rock retaining wall (we started last year) and backfilling behind it to make the yard less sloped on top.
  • Upping the curb appeal with potted plants
    • I've started this one as well. Photos to come.
  • Painting the garage door, front stair risers, front stair railings, front door vestibule (that little room between the storm door and the front door) and touching up the trim on the back side of the house--a task left over from last year's  big painting project.
    • Most of these projects will use the white exterior trim color.
  • DIY patio furniture. I've been pouring over Ana White's plans and have a few favorite outdoor furniture pieces (a pair each of this plan and this plan) that I hope to make as my first DIY furniture pieces. 
  • Build a storage shed. The concrete pad from the old storage shed we were required to tear down for safety reasons by our inspector before closing is still in place. The new shed's footprint will probably increase a bit, but it won't be anything fancy. Just a little something to keep our yard equipment in during the off season.
All this yard work may give the impression we've suspended our indoor work. Not the case. They're still humming right along. The bathroom has been tiled and now I'm in the process of sealing the grout. It turned out great! Photos to come. I've also started painting the kitchen because I just couldn't stand the dirty walls another day. So far, everything has been primed and I'm gearing up to paint. I took some photos of that too, so stay tuned. Besides those two larger projects we've done some other little things that I' haven't shared yet. For your sake, I hope the nice weather doesn't keep me outside and away from my computer for too long!

Now that we're all on board with the yard plans, you'll have to again excuse me. 
Too much to do, and too little North Dakota summertime to do it in. 


  1. Wow, that's quite an ambitious list! Can't wait to see the results.

  2. I did a drive-by and saw the new parking slab in progress! Can't wait to see it when it is all done.

    We need to get together and I need to pick your brain for my yard plans!