Retro estate sale finds

I found a few things at an estate sale this week. 
I'm really glad a friend of mine invited another friend to go to it with her. Friend #2 told me about it. After which, I invited another friend--let's call her #3--to come with me.
It's good to have friends!

The hand-knit scarf was listed as a shawl. I love a large scarf so it's not too bulky for my giraffe-like neck (seriously, my hubby affectionately calls me a giraffe.Something about my long legs and long neck. They also happen to be my favorite animal so it's all good in my book.)
The light fixture was in the basement of the house. I passed it by initially but went back after being unable to get it out of my mind. 
The bowl is Hawaiian monkey pod wood. Every home needs a pineapple shaped bowl, no? 
And then there's the cute table. Perfect for the living room. See:

Love it.

I also already installed the light in our bedroom. We had a two-bulb fixture in there and it wasn't cutting it. This is much better! 

And all for $15. Yay!


  1. So glad the sale was a success! I wasn't able to make it! You have such an eye for great things!


  2. love that light fixture-it reminds me of one we used to have in our basement. your tv stand in the post below also caught my eye-love the mod vibe in your home!

    i tried to email you, but i don't think it's linked to your blog...i wanted to tell you that there IS a hawaiin pizza that looked really good! i've never had one (as much as i love pineapple). good luck on the giveaway!

  3. So fun to read your blog update, Kirst!!

    Happy day....Rennae J.

  4. Wow! I love all your finds. I need a shopping partner like you!! I love your decorating style!!

  5. That table is so cute! I love that style, and how it fits in nicely with other styles as well. And the pineapple bowl is just too cute. Good finds!

  6. Love the 50's and 60's finds! The table and light fixture are great!