Anniversary Numero Uno: Photo Books

Hi Friends. Here we are, in the last full week of May. Memorial Day weekend is almost here. You know what that means?

We're about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

We've been reflecting on how quickly the year has gone ever since the calendar hit May 1. It's funny, Mike and I were engaged for over 11 months, but, unlike this past year, our engagement seemed to drag. on. forever. (Word of advice, don't plan an 11 month engagement. It was kind of necessary for me since, you know, this 6'4" bride can't buy a dress off a rack and we ended up waiting 9 months for my dress after ordering it. But seriously, if you are easier to fit there's no need to be engaged as long as we were. Don't get me wrong, so many blessings came during that time of transition. Mike bought our house, I graduated from college and got a job, etc., but we both will tell you that for a year we were basically just anxiously waiting for our life to begin. It was a long time to be in limbo.)

In celebration of our anniversary on May 29, I'm planning a few wedding-related posts. 

First up: let's talk photos. 

I love them--who doesn't right? I also love photo albums. In high school, I was a passionate scrapbooker. I spent hours putting together albums using pretty papers, decorative scissors and acid-free glue and stickers. Good times. Now, I turn to iPhoto for all my photo book needs.

I've made three wedding-related albums. A guestbook with our engagement photos

a book recapping our honeymoon

and most recently, an album of snapshots from the wedding.

Working in iPhoto is easy if you're a Mac owner using it as your digital photo storage and editor. It's as simple as dragging and dropping photos into the blank layouts.

Conveniences I especially appreciate about working in iPhoto:

  1. Photos and pages are always easily viewable on the top of the screen. Photos already placed in the book will get a check mark next to them, so you'll know if it's already used.
  2. Make custom backgrounds by inserting a photo. Our honeymoon album feels very Disney (remember, we went Disneymooning) because I used photos as backgrounds.
  3. Once you're done, just click "Buy Book." Ordering is easy, and it usually arrives in less than two weeks.
  4. Auto spell check. Ask anyone. It's a H.U.G.E. must in my world.
  5. Lots of options. Hardcover, paperback, ring binding and more options in various sizes. Pick a basic look from a handful of stock themes. From there it's easy to add even more customization--fonts, colors, layouts, etc.
  6. The project will always be available, should you need more in the future. Anything you make and order through iPhoto will continue to be in the program.

Keep in mind that these are for photos you are licensed to reproduced--whether they're your from your own camera or a friend's. Obviously, don't plagiarize. But of course you know that.

We also received a gorgeous book from our photographers. It's quality and beauty reminds me that professional photography is a league above what I do with iPhoto, but I love our books just the same. (And they're a fraction of the price. Love that too.)

So yeah, iPhoto books were and are a huge part of our wedding. We'll forever remember all sorts of things because of them.

There are tons of awesome online photo making sites out there too but I'm so hooked on iPhoto I've never looked.  Which are your favorites?


  1. Thank you for the motivation. I need to do Murray's first year book still and I am debating what site to use, but I think I will go with the one that offers me the best bang for the buck. I may ask for your graphic assistance.



  2. Gorgeous wedding, Happy 1st Anniversary (tomorrow!) I need to get some of your motivation and get my pics in albums. WE're coming up on 6 years - HA!