Anniversary Numero Uno: Cake a year later

It was a very happy anniversary weekend! We got dolled up and went out to dinner Sunday evening, but came home for dessert.

On the menu: the top tier of out wedding cake--carefully protected by layers of wrapping and preserved in the freezer since last year.

We pulled my Mom's Tupperware from the bottom of our chest freezer. I'll admit I was somewhat skeptical of how tasty the treat would be 365 days after we first indulged. Married friends of ours all had their experiences to share--there were mixed reviews. Most said it was not so yummy, but a few raved. We hoped for the best.

 The unwrapped tinfoil revealed plastic wrap covering the cake sitting on a paper plate.

The white cake with white frosting, made by a friend who farms near my family's home in GriggsDakota, still looked and smelled delicious. Maybe our chances of enjoying this were good?

Deciding to take the cheesy route, we--the bride and groom--cooperatively cut the cake. Yes, we're dorks. And we're in love. This is what we do.

We even went so far as to feed each other our first bites. Mike, who was very gentle with my first bite of cake last year, decided our anniversary at home was the perfect opportunity to smear cake all over my face. Don't worry, I did it back for some literal, sweet revenge.

And guess what. It was delicious! The cake was moist, not soggy. The frosting was not dry but not sticky either. Mission anniversary cake: a scrumptious success.


  1. I was pleasantly surprised how well our cake held up after a year too! Glad it was yummy for you lovebirds :)

  2. Yum! We never saved our cake, and I definitely wish we did! Glad it was a successful experiment for you, and happy anniversary!

  3. Lucky you that your cake was good! We did this and it was terrible a year later. I am not one to pass up sugary treats (even mediocre sugary treats), but we each ate a few bites and then threw the whole cake away! Sad. I wish we had eaten it sooner.