Upstairs bath part 8: list it out

Yes, once again we're making bathroom progress. (Here are updates one two three four five six and seven. And here's our gameplan.)

This complete overhaul has taken longer than we ever thought it would. But changing work schedules and unexpected hick-ups, together with our occasional need to not work on the bathroom, have caused delays. Oh well, that's life! We still have the basement bathroom to use in the meantime.

This post is actually not a update. It's more of a recap of what we've done and a plan for the future.

In other words, a list. Not just any list. A to-do list. For the bathroom projects. In other words, a bathroom to-do list. (Did I over explain that one enough for ya?)

We're covering all we've done already because crossing off those little items gives us major satisfaction. And trust me, it's always good to have a large stash of satisfaction during a remodel project to carry you through those not-so-fun moments.

And listing it all out helps us remember all we've done and all that's to come. Nothing like a little perspective.

*Deep breath* Here's all we've done:
  • The old sink, toilet and accessories have been removed.
  • The old laminate flooring has been stripped.
  • The ceiling fan/light fixture has been installed.
  • The mirror on the medicine cabinet has been painted.
  • The new shower head has been plumbed in.
  • The plaster in the shower area has been replaced with new tile backer board.
  • The cement board has been installed on the floor.
  • The walls have been primed and painted.
  • The ceiling and window are primed and ready for paint--which will be happening this week.
And for the exciting stuff yet to come:
  • Mike is gearing up to tile the shower and floor this week. Yay for tile!
  • Then, we'll install the baseboard. We're weighing our options and haven't decided if we'll use tile or standard wood trim. 
  • Then, on to installing the sconces flanking the medicine cabinet.
  • The building and installing of the storage cabinet will follow.
  • We have a DIY roman shade and some frosting film for the window.
  • The door needs to be refinished and rehung.
  • We'll also be installing the toilet, sink, faucet and accessories.


Voila! We'll be done!

...I hope.