Upstairs bath part 7: backer board and blue

The cement board for the floor and walls has been measured,


adhered and set. 
Side note: see that bucket that Mike mixed the grout in? Yeah, that's the very bucket my parents used to bath me in as a newborn. I now use it to wash delicates. Was I happy to see it with grout in it? Not.At.All. Did my husband clean it back to immaculate condition after he was done? Yes.He.Did. :)

Additionally, the walls have been primed and painted.

The window trim  has also been primed and is ready for paint. We're trying the two-toned window look for now. The trim is going to be white while the sashes are still natural wood. I'm trying to avoid painting my window shut. (We may or may not have done this on a window in the guest room. Ha.) The sashes more than likely will be painted in the future. Or we may end up having to replace the window before that happens. Time will tell!

Love how a little paint can totally change the space. It's starting to feel like we're getting close to completion.

 Next up: Tile!


  1. Why am I not surprised you went with blue? Looks great!

  2. It really is coming along....can't wait to see the roman shade up when done! Love the updates.