My maiden voyage...to IKEA

My name is Kirsti, pronounced Kier-stee. I'm named after my Great-Great Grandmother, Kirsti Engen, who left Norway as Kjersti (the traditional Norwegian spelling for our name) but "Americanized" her name to become Kirsti when her boat landed stateside. She was my mom Jane Kirsti's great-grandma, my grandpa Oscar's grandmother, my great-grandma Signa's mother. She was a strong woman and I'm so proud to have her name. I'm 50% Norwegian heritage, but my blue eyes and blond hair--together with my family's vibrant Nordic traditions--have always caused me to feel closest to this branch of the ol' family tree.

You can therefore imagine the crazy pitter-patter of my Scandinavian heart when we saw this sign a few days ago:

"Welcome to IKEA."

Oh IKEA; mothership of Scandinavian, beautiful and inexpensive housewares. Love you.

I'd never been to this modern mecca. For years I've been requesting the catalogue, tediously studying every page, marking my favorites with sticky notes and dreaming of how I'd someday use the pieces. I did this even before I had a house. What can I say; I'm a dreamer.

We had a few major pieces to check out. I'll share more about them and other goods we scored, but for now here's a peek. 

The first:

The second:

The third:
 I actually wasn't interested in buying these--just wanted to photograph for their fantastic name.

See what my cousin Logan is pointing at?

It's the Engan chest and armoire. Just like my great-great grandma Kirsti Engen. Don't need it, but love it just the same.

Hours of shopping left us exhausted. Nothing that double-fisting some $1 frozen yogurt cones won't fix. Ice cream next to the check out; genius.

IKEA didn't disappoint. Just wait to see what we got!


  1. I am really excited to see what you got!!!! I liked going there!

  2. Oh I have been waiting for your visit to IKEA! I can't wait to hear more about it.
    Miss you.

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