Brass in a basement

Look what found me at a church basement sale this evening:
No, not the jewelry--those lovelies was already mine. But the candlestick--the gorgeous brass candlestick with inlays on its base and sockets (is that the right word?)--called out my name amidst the thrift.

 And, it was a buck. Yes, you read that correctly. One dollar. In a word: awesome. 

 Since I don't often use candlesticks (Our dining usually isn't candlelit; shocking, I know.) I decided to make use of it to hold jewelry.

 Ah. I just love.love.love those inlays. But I have no idea what they are. Some sort of rock or shell maybe? Input is appreciated.


  1. I love that! Great idea to use it as a jewelery holder, it's a fun, unique way to show off your pretty accessories!

  2. Inlay looks like mother of pearl. Beautiful piece, innovative use, but don't discount the romance of lit candles in that holder on your dining table. The brass turns to gold and the crystal on your table to diamonds.

  3. What a find! Rummage sale season is here!


  4. So glad you left your link on my blog. Can't wait to keep following along. What a fabulous re-use!

  5. Love this candle stick...and how you creatively used it!! Looks great...and love the mother of pearl inlays!!

    R and "boys"