Dining chair decisions

We need dining chairs. I mean we really need dining chairs.
We love having friends and family over for dinner but have been forced to host around the coffee table too many times because of our lack of chairs. And I'm a sit-around-the-table kind of girl, so it's been really getting to me.

Here's what we wanted in our chairs:
1. Strong--we didn't want anything that would feel flimsy.
2. Stackable--our drop-leaf table is usually in its compact state so we needed chairs we could stack and keep out of the way.
3. Retro-modern design--my handsome hubby especially wanted to have something clean and modern looking to go with our antique table.
4. Matching set--Originally, I planed to do the ol' thrift store/rummage sale scrounge of mismatched chairs to come up with our seating, but Mike wasn't on board with that plan. And they wouldn't have been stackable. So we went the cohesive route, choosing four chairs in the same style. (Sidenote: We chose 4 as the magic number of chairs because (a) it was all we could fit in our car and (b) we wanted to test the quality of the chairs before buying more.)

Here's what we decided on at Ikea; the Nordmyra chair. It fit all of our requirements and stayed within our desired price point, a.k.a. as little as possible.

While we love their shape, we're not totally sold on their two-toned look. So, I set out to find some inspiration for what a little paint, stain, batting, and/or fabric could do. 

Option 1: Paint them white, brown, black, or any other color on the wheel--that is the color wheel.

Option 2: Painting the legs and back a single color and upholstering the seats.

Option 3: Decoupaging the back side of the seat backs.

Option 4: Play up the two-toned nature even more by staining the legs (or painting the seat and back) a higher contrast color.

Option 5: Have some artistically creative fun by treating the seat and back like canvases for a little swanky art.

Right now we're leaning to Option 2--making the frame and back one color and upholstering the seat. But we're not totally decided. Any opinions? Any advice? Speak now or forever hold your peace.


  1. I agree with option 2, makes it a wee more comfy on the buns. :)

  2. I am in LOVE with IKEA--the chair and your couch. WOM-MOM is headed there Easter weekend!


  3. I say option 2 too! I would be worried that buttons on pants (or whatever) might scratch the finish on the seats if you simply painted them. The upholstered seats would avoid that problem all together.

    I'm interested to see what you do! I may have to take a trip to IKEA myself in the coming months for some chairs.

  4. I love options 2 and 3!! Looks fun, I can't wait to see the final product.

    thanks so much for the comment on my blog the other day. Thanks for the encouraging verse you sent, it means Alot to me!! Blessings to you. I love your blog!!!

  5. Thank you for this post, I helped me decide on the Nordmyra chairs for our new dining table! I was so in doubt, but now I'm sure.


  6. Hi,

    This is more a kitchentype chair , if your looking for dining chairs this one shouldn't be an option.

    This chair should stay white.
    The only thing you possibly should add is this

    If the non painted wooden legs bother you just lace it with a thin white colour which turns the legs white but still show some structure of the wood.
    simple and classy - pure Scandinavian design!

  7. Wow! Amazing and fun ideas all ready to go. I can imagine how the kids would love those. Thanks for sharing. Homepage

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