Upstairs bath part 6: the shower's shower

Time again for another exciting bathroom update--the sixth of many. If you're not up to speed with our big bathroom remodel, read the earlier updates here, here, here, here, and here. And if you're curious about the design plan for the space, read all about it here.

My handsome hubby's been working hard again. This time around he's shown his mad plumbing skills by replacing the old pipes with shiny new stuff.

The old tub spigot has seen better days. It's gross, to put it mildly.

The best part of the new plumbing isn't the new faucets though. Nope, what's really making us giddy is about five feet up from there....

Behold: the shower!
And yes, our new shower head will be less than a foot below our 8 feet high ceiling. A shower head 7 feet high is a tall person's dream, or in our case, a tall couple's dream! We're soooo excited to be able to stand straight while being directly under the shower head. Excited to the point that it's become almost a daily conversation between us. 
It always goes a little something like this:
KC: We're making progress! One more day closer to showering upstairs!
MC: And one more day closer to being in a shower that fits!

And, before we installed the cement board to support the tile, we decided to take advantage of the empty wall cavity by leaving our mark within the walls with a little note:

We're thinking that  a long time from now--like some 50 odd years down the road when the bathroom needs another pick-me-up--future homeowners find our secret note and discover a little piece of their home's past in doing so.
Or, maybe they won't and our secret will remain just that. We're happy with either!


  1. You two are amazing and Mike...wow....he is quite the handyman!! How fun you guys....and hope your high shower head dreams are a reality soon!! :)

    R and "boys"

  2. really looking forward to seeing the finished product!