Product Review: The solvent that solved it

Remember when I told you I ripped out the paneling from our breakfast nook? Remember how I carelessly mentioned there was a load of fossilized glue stuck cemented to the wall behind the paneling? 

It may've taken me 10+ days to remove the old glue, but I've done it! All thanks to my new favorite solvent spray:

De-Solv-it Contractors' Solvent.
Just like the label promised, it made my job of removing the 30 year old glue go "LIGHTNING FAST!" 

See that? "The MOST POWERFUL SOLVENT Allowed by Law!"
*Phew* Glad I'm not breaking any laws by using it. Or else I may get in trouble with Mike the cops.  That would be b.a.d. Bad.

I will say, in the beginning I was skeptical. I mean, I'd been trying to get rid of this stuff for days. But when I saw that confidant label at the hardware store this past weekend I had to give it a shot. At that point I was so sick of hacking away at the glue I was contemplating putting paneling back up. Now that's desperate.

The bottle said to let it soak into "really tough challenges" for 10 minutes to an hour. I let it sit half an hour after dousing spraying it. I started scraping with the heavy-duty-long-scraper-thingy (that's the technical term) but found the glue was so easy to remove I could switch to our smaller and easier to maneuver spackling knife.

And now for a quick before and after.

Left photo = Before (notice all the gunk on the left wall)
Right photo = After (magically, the gunk on the left wall has become a pile on the floor!)
Oh, and there's no difference in the far walls in the before and after photos. I hadn't got that far yet. :)

All in all, I'd totally recommend this stuff to anyone with difficult gunk to remove. My bottle is almost out and I'm already planning to buy the refill jug.

p.s. This review is based on my own opinion. I'm not sponsored or paid by anyone to gush about the product.