Gift from Grandparents: Mid-Mod china hutch

I celebrated another year of life last week. And though I'm not sure I'm a whole lot wiser, my ability to sniff out a good deal is getting better with age. Don't believe me? Let me use my birthday gift from my grandparents as an example.

Grandma and Grandpa sent me a really sweet birthday card with a really sweet gift of money inside. Grandma wrote "Use this to buy something for your home. Or yourself." Yay!
I cozied up with my computer for a little shopping session and perused my favorite sources for tall-sized clothing and home decor but didn't find anything too amazing to pass up. Then I found something on my favorite online thrift haven--Craigslist. (How can I not love a site with the same name as us?)

Here's the image I saw:

What I read included a really low price. And it was located within an hour's drive. And I saw those oh so important words saying it was in "good condition." On top of that, I was fairly certain it was mid-century. The listing didn't say so, but it did say "modern in design."
My heart skipped a beat. My pulse quickened. It was like I was on a first date with a great guy. (That statement is kind of funny considering I married my first and only boyfriend and have therefore only really been on one first date. Ha.) I knew I liked him, I knew he made me happy, but I wasn't sure if he was too good to be true.

I contacted the seller, asking for additional photos and dimensions. Here's what he sent me:

My mid-century loving heart was aflutter. This guy was definitely a keeper. My first date fears were left on the shore as I jumped aboard the love boat.
I emailed the seller back and said I'd take him for the listed price, which was...


(Sorry for yelling with my font right there. But really, I'm talkin' a solid wood, American made hutch for less than what it costs us to go out for dinner. I'll shout it from the rooftops!)

I planned to get it last Friday. Plans changed when the worst blizzard of our unusually snowy North Dakota winter hit, closing down every road in the state.
Yesterday evening, I took our SUV to pick it up. After helping load it safely in the vehicle and paying for it with some of my birthday cash, I hit the road for home. And snapped a picture of myself with the new hutch in the background to send to my Mom and Hubby. I was that happy. 

So now it's sitting in the middle of our kitchen on the old linoleum I do refinishing projects on during the winter months. When I've restored it back to perfection we'll move it to a more permanent home.

Thanks for the birthday gift Grandma and Grandpa! You two know exactly what I love!


  1. Great find! Any thought on where it will go?

    Love the blog! So much inspiration!

  2. Wow, that is a great find! I just bought a secondhand mid-century dresser for $100 and thought that was a good deal, but you did way better!