Another reason to love ND: Inexpensive Treasure

I'm proud to be a born and raised North Dakotan. But spring fever has afflicted me in a big way and lately I've had to remind myself of  the reasons I love this place. Every time I step outside and am met with snowbanks covering the landscape, my coping mechanism is to thank the Lord for something I like about living here. And when I hear forecasts for upcoming storms--as I am today--I usually have to think of two or three.
Don't get me wrong; I love the snow and winter here. But I'm ready for the warm weather that will let us enjoy our yard again.

Since we began our "adult" life (a.k.a. making our own money and paying our own bills) Mike and I have especially appreciated the low cost of living. What can I say--most things just cost less in North Dakota.

Here's a shining example I discovered a few days ago when I Googled "capiz lamp":
See the tall capiz shell lamp on the left side of the photo above? It's an original 1960's fixture my sister bought me at an auction sale...for $10. Awesome, right?? While she was even surprised by the bargain, she later told me she planned to bid up to $50.

Now, let's find some comparables.

Here's a colorful version listed for $895. And, notice it's missing the ring around the top that mine has.
Here's one that's the same color as mine but still missing the top ring. It was listed at $395.

This green one only has two bulbs but is being sold on Etsy for a whopping $1,500.

I wonder what the sellers would do if I offered $10 for any one of these. Laugh? Choke? Stare dumfounded? Probably. And I'm soooo glad I don't have to find out.

North Dakota, I still love you.
And I'll love you even if you get another blanket of snow this week.


  1. I love that lamp...any plans to try selling it and making a LOT of money?

    So fun seeing you on Friday!