Upstairs bath: the plan

We're still in the midst of the great bathroom transformation, and truthfully haven't made much progress since the last time I posted about it. But, tearing out the plaster in the shower area, painting and working on the lighting is the plan for the week ahead, so if we make noticeable progress I'll be sure to snap a few pics.

Itching to know what we're doing with the space? Here's the plan:

  • We're keeping the tile and fixtures classic with chrome and white. 
    • There are two new sconces to flank the medicine cabinet, as well as a fan/light for the ceiling. In order to run the lights and fan on a separate switch without rewiring the whole thing, we purchased a handy switch adapter to run the show. 
    • The shower and sink faucets are also classic shaped and chrome. We have two glass shelves and two towel bars to coordinate.
    • We have an extra long white waffle weave shower curtain to hang on a chrome rod and hooks. 
    • The white subway tile tub and shower surround will have dark gray grout
    • White hexagonal tile floor will also have dark grout. 
  • The light aqua walls will keep it fresh and airy. 
  • The trim and ceiling will be white. 
  • And, because I like to keep things fun, we're bringing in some more color with the accessories. 
    • The towels from our wedding registry that I've been saving as new for the space are "Caspian Blue."
    • My favorite pink rag rug, and oldie but a goodie, will add a fun pop of color. 
    • The pink fabric for the DIY roman shade is covered in white script and ornate vintage furniture.
    • The disco-ball soap dispenser is a favorite find.
  • Additional items not pictured include:
    • Old kitchen cabinets from my parents will be painted white and made to look like a storage hutch with molding, feet and a counter surface. 
    • A new, and taller, white toilet (yay for height!)
    • The existing toilet paper holder is getting spray-painted white and put back in its built-in spot. 
    • Our original cast-iron tub is staying. 
    • The existing medicine cabinet, also a 1940's original, is losing its ugly green frame for a fresh coat of white.

There it is, our game plan. Isn't it exciting? Isn't it lovely? Isn't it so much better than what we had? Yes, yes, and YES.

Bet enough talk. It's time for me to go make more progress!