Upstairs bath part 5: setting the plaster free

It was a busy weekend at our house. And by busy I mean productive. And when I say productive, I say that with a huge smile. Huge. Wanna see?


Told you it was huge.

On Saturday we purchased our floor and shower tile and all the supplies necessary for the upcoming tile job.

We ended up not getting the white hexagonal tile for the floor and instead opted for the all-white octagonal and dot pattern. Why? Frankly, because it wasn't in the Home Depot store we were in and we didn't feel like looking at other stores. We just wanted to get some floor tile and get out the door. It may've been the gut-ache I was suffering from. It may've been the fact that my hubby and I were having an outing and we didn't want to make it a stressful shopping spree. Either way, we're both happy with the new tile. No regrets. And it was a great day with my great guy.

Sunday was a sick day. My gut ache became full-fledged sickness. We didn't work on the bathroom at all. All day. Oh well.

However, while I spent my presidents day glued to my desk chair at work, Mike worked all day on the plaster. All day. Oh yay!

Here's what I came home to after work: the sound of a hammer striking our walls with a plastic curtain blurring it from view. Oh, and keeping the dust down in the rest of the house. That's an important And.
Yummy. A tub full of broken plaster. My neighbors will see two new garbage bins on our stoop tomorrow morning (Tuesday's trash day). This tub full of plaster pushed us to get those additional trash bins. We've been needing them for a while, but it was a tub of loose plaster that finally got us to make the purchase.
Removing the plaster can be checked off the list. 

Now, on to plumbing the shower.


  1. I notice that you don't include Mike's big smile in the photos. I hope you appreciate that patient husband of yours! Hexagons?

  2. Ha. Way to be a good Mother-in-law advocate for Mike, Mom. The photos I did get of my handsome hubby's face read "this job is no fun and you better REALLY appreciate me for it" instead of "aren't I a sweet man and don't all our blog readers wish I was in their bathroom doing this?" so I made the executive decision to photo the mountain of rubble at his feet. And then I suggested we have dairy queen for supper, which changed his facial expression almost instantly.
    Love that man.