Recovering the Mid-Mod footstool

My paternal Grandma had this footstool in her home. It's been at my parents since she passed. 
I love it.
I asked Dad if I could have it. He said yes.
Then, I asked Mom if she'd let me use her supplies to recover it. She said yes.
Off came the legs. and many of the staples holding on the plastic.

On went 25 fluffy batting balls to fill the button holes.
Two layers of batting, one layer of denim fabric, and the original cardboard backing were then stapled on.
The legs were again attached.
And, voila! The once old mid-century modern footstool is now a new-to-us mid-century modern footstool.
Love. Love. Love.


  1. I love my husband. Thanks for the comment my love.

  2. perfect for your space...i spy some other great midmod pieces, too. and how super cute are you and your husband?!

  3. LOVE this!! Seriously! That is a really awesome piece. I need to stumble across a little footstool like that soon..... Adorable!