Our style now: Aqua-esque

As we've been styling our home, I've started to notice some strong preferences in the choices we've been making. Here's one: aqua blue tones. It's on our walls (interior and exterior,) accessories, and everywhere in between. Take a look:

Hallway wall color.
Living room lamps.

Bird sofa pillow

Fabulous blue glass bowl.

Exterior paint.
Did I mention the color we're doing in the bathroom remodel is also a watery blue? Yep. We definitely like our aquas. Thankfully we still do and have no plans to stray away from this color choice. It's calming, funky, cool and lively all at the same time. A big ol' bundle of fun--just like us.   Riiiiight.

And blue is just the beginning--I've been picking up quite a few trends in the house to share with you all. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the blue tones. Actually I want a bedroom in the brown/ aqua I think. I have to tell you I told my friend Brenda today her wood paneling from her house built in the late 50's is mid-century modern and I felt SO trendy telling her that...from you.
    Love ya!