More New (to us) furniture

Remember when went here and came back with this? I do. It was something I'll never forget. My parents, grandparents, uncle and cousins all generously gave us furniture antiques to call our own and make a home with. That day, as we carefully drove home, stopping now and again to check on our treasures in the trailer, my heart was bursting with the love and support my family gave. It's humbling to be graced with such benevolence.

It's happened again. We have a couple more new (to us) pieces in our home. Here's the story:
These have been our night stands. They're cheap; very cheap. Like plastic and pressed paper cheap. Mike bought them in college. They're great for a bachelor pad. Not so great in a master bedroom. They were far too short for our bed, making grabbing or placing anything on it difficult. And, they offered no storage, which is why we each had a little box on the top to hold our bedside necessities--lotion, floss, chapstick, etc. See the little red tin. That's my secret stash bin. Both of us were desperate for drawers. Yep, I said desperate.

Since we have the mid-century modern dresser in our bedroom, I called and asked my Mom and Grandma if they'd each be willing to part with the nightstands they had that went with the dresser--one was at each house. And, they agreed. Joy!

Now we have these! Aren't they fantastic? (Excuse the mess of cords behind it--I was too giddy to notice them when taking photos.)
Notice that they're the perfect height with our bed. And there are one two three drawers to hold all sorts of bedside stuff. Plus their mid-century modern style makes swoon.
The best part though is that they're family pieces, assembled and finished from a kit by my great grandfather. That my friends, is priceless.

Here's a little peek at the before and after. The lamp that's off on the left is on the cheap old table, and the lit lamp on the right is on a new one. So. Much. Better. (Ok, also excuse the disheveled bed. Again, I was in a throughly elated state...didn't even notice.)

And to the plastic and paper tables I say: good riddance. 

Thanks again Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad.