Lamps, unshaded

Bedside lamps. Who knew they could produce such a lengthy post? But here it is, the tale of two lamps, unshaded.
The bedside table in the guest room used to look like the photo above. But since I moved the fabulous gold lamp my great-grandma made to here the stand's stood bare.

I ploped the vintage jar lamps on either side of the bed, where they sat for a couple weeks. But something wasn't right. I wasn't loving it. Every once in a while I'd find myself standing in the doorway of the bedroom pondering the problem with them in their new home.

It was the shade--just a tad too generic; too expected. This photo of lamps with vintage shade frames covering a bare bulb caught my eye. Instantly, a light went off in my head (corny pun alert!) You see, a few years back I found a pair of small shades in my Grandma's attic. Grandma graciously gave the dusty two-some to her crazy girl that loves old stuff way too much. I tore off the tattered plastic shades with intentions of recovering them for these very lamps. But that never happened, and I can't recall why. 
Guess who still had them sitting on a closet shelf. My mother. Yay! 
I retrieved the shadeless frames on my last visit to GriggsDakota, brought them home and popped them on the lamps.

They weren't doing it for me--wasn't in love. Took anoter look at this photo to glean more inspiration.

It was the bulb. The frosted standard needed to be switched for something less round and obtrusive. 

 We picked up a pair of pretty CFLs, opting for the fluorescents because, well, TogetherWeSave.

 And, the end result is looking bright (cheesy puns just keep coming!)

I think they'll be staying put.

Shine on.


  1. Hi, I just randomly found your blog through google and added you to my reader. Love how you incorporate so many vintage and thrift finds!

  2. They look cool!!! I think if I left thrift store ones in the rain for a winter I may be able to mimic that :) LOOOOVE IT!