Painted perfection: the whole story

I couldn't help but share an in-progress pic of my latest little project. Did you see it? But now here I am with an official update: I painted the trio of gold mirrors. They're now a trio of gray mirrors. 
Here's how it went down:

I was touching up some areas in our recently painted bedroom. When finished and walking by the mirrors with the left-over paint and brush last night I decided to go for it. You know, take the bull by the horns. Ok maybe not, but I did decide to paint those golden oldies.

So I did it. I painted them. And I'm happy to say we both like the end result. They're more casual and less in-your-face. And it's amazing to see how the paint color appears a truer gray in the living room versus the slightly blue cast it has in the bedroom. Crazy stuff.

So here they are, the three mirrors before.

 And now, after two light coats of gray. What do you think? Like? Love? Still not a fan? 
(Oh, and speaking of fans--the bathroom kind, not the people kind, so I guess we weren't really speaking of them--we have ours fully installed in the bathroom which means the ceiling light is working too. Now we can work in there at all hours of the day. And we have been...let's just say I have some photos of plaster-less walls to show you. Aaaannnd, guess who has a date with her hubby to go buy tile in the near future? Me! )

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  1. Love! I love the different shades of gray, so much so that I've use Krylon's Classis Gray and Smoke Gray on some big pieces in my home. Then there's Valspar's Silver Fox that I recently fell head over heels for!! Oh for the love of paint!