Mini Master Makeover: Wally world

Does anyone else call Wal-Mart Wally world? We sure do, but in this case, my post title isn't referring to everyone's love and hate discount store (which I love in moderation, by the way.) Instead I'm talking about the newly painted walls of our master bedroom.

Yep, I've done something else for the mini master makeover. You see, we needed a little something to reside on those fabulous gray walls.

Using mostly the art, frames and vintage silver platters we already had hanging in the room, I did a grouping on the wall that you see as you first enter.

And, we both are liking the looks of it. I think I'll spray paint the frame around the gold "C" gold, just to make it pop a bit, but other than that it'll probably remain as is. But, you know me, that may change.

We also hung the big garage sale steal-of-a-deal mirror in the spot it hung before the wall painting occurred. It. looks. fantastic. I've been dreaming of seeing it's golden goodness in front of a smokey backdrop for so long it makes me positively giddy to now see it before me.

Quick--somebody pinch me to make sure this is real.

Ouch! Nope, not dreaming. Yay!

Things to note that are not on the wallies walls:

In the first photo:
We opted to not put curtains on this window. I really like the clean lines of windows without curtains, and I like even more how the lack of curtains on this window really draws your attention to the curtained window behind the bed--the focal point of the room.

Mike likes that I like it. Aren't we a great team?!?

In the second photo:
The stack of old suitcases from my grandparents are also now at home in the bedroom. Again, those walls make them shine, and they're perfect for storing all sorts of stuff. In a smaller home like we have, all storage is good great storage.

The new room layout created much extra space--enough to make a perfect home for the gold chair that was formerly in the living room. Don't worry, our living room now has my favorite pair of mid-century danish modern chairs in it to fill the void left by the gold chair.

The large and lively ceramic lamp on the mid-century modern dresser was one my great grandma made in ceramics class in the 50's or 60's (Not sure when Great Grandma was in ceramics...Grandma, do you remember the timeframe?) I LOVE it. It's former perch in this hillside home was the guest bed room, but I knew it's golden beauty was longing for our new gray haven. We speak the same language, that funky lamp and I.

Oh, and in case you haven't been keeping track, guess how much we've spent so far on this little room re-do.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. We haven't spent a penny.

We're pretty thrilled that we could make our room more of a "masterly" retreat by just re-purposing things from throughout our home. While we know we're going to be buying a few things for the space in the future (I'll be making curtains for our window/headboard) we're fine with putting that off until we're fully ready to commit to the perfect fabric. We definitely don't want to buy something just because it's on sale and it's what we can find at the time.


  1. What I like about the room is that it so very elegant feel your are a royal person if you are in the room.