Upstairs bath part 3: it's electric

While I've been busy working on our master bedroom mini makeover, Mike and his Dad (thanks Rob!) have spent hours working on installing the new light/fan in the bathroom.

Don't worry, I've been in on it too. Mike and I did the placing of the fan and light unit in the ceiling. Sorry for the slightly dark photo. I took this after we finished--it was dark outside.

The wiring in the room was set up differently then we expected--and much more confusing at that. Thankfully, I'm married to a very handy guy, and he learned everything he knows from his dad, so we've had two almost-experts taking care of business. While not everything is done yet, soon I'll have a photo of a working light to share!

They pulled the medicine cabinet away from the wall and discovered some old wallpaper. Looks like this bathroom once was covered in it.

Also, when we tore up the flooring we found carpet foam backer on the floor with a few stray red fibers. We're thinking this bathroom used to have red carpet to match the flowered wallpaper--very likely considering it would've been all the rage when the house was built in the 1940's. One of the best parts of living in an old house is discovering these little hints of its past. Charming.


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