Tackling the Upstairs Bath: Part 1

We've been on a house-project hiatus for the last couple months. Mike pleaded asked for one after completing the oh-so-necessary garage insulation project in October. Hmm, and it just occurred to me that I never blogged about that project. Oops.

But the break is over and we're on to the next upgrade: the upstairs bathroom.

Here it is in its untouched glory. The before shot, if you will.

The bath tub is peaking out on the left of the photo above. Note that the tile around it only goes a few feet up the wall. That's because there's no shower head. Its strictly been a bath in the past. But, since neither of the people currently calling this place home can fit comfortably in a standard bath, its been a storage bin for the last year. Meaning this bathroom is only functioning as a half-bath for us right now. Meaning it's totally not living up to its potential, something I always hate to see.

Just in case you don't really understand how oddly ugly this bathroom is, I'll share a few more photos as well as give the game plan for our remodel.

Here's a photo I took while standing on the bathtub's corner. It shows the vanity area. Notice the big empty space next to the sink? It's another potential-packed opportunity and the perfect place to put in some much needed storage. We're planning to recycle some old kitchen cabinets my parents have by turning them into a floor-to ceiling piece that'll look more like furniture than standard cabinetry. 

The faucet is corroded in the back and doesn't have a drain cover. Which is why you can see one of my hair clips 3 inches down the drain pipe. Did I mention there's an identical clip stuck in the coverless basement sink drain? I'm a little clumsy with my clips apparently...

What a beautiful cabinet, no? NO. Not only is it water damaged in the inside, but it's been given a sloppy paint job of white, red and pink. 
We're replacing it with our stellar garage sale pedestal sink.

This cabinet is above the toilet. It too has been painted sloppily. But wait, it's been given a further upgrade--new plastic handles. Nice? Not so much.

Then there are the olive green light switch and towel hook. Don't even get me started on these.

The mirrored medicine cabinet is ugly now, painted olive green and flanked by spray-painted pink and gold sconces that are wobbly at best.
We're replacing the sconces but plan to keep the medicine cabinet--not without a fresh coat of paint though!
You're also able to see the wall that's behind the door when it's open. We're either going to put towel bars or towel hooks there. One idea we've had is to put a couple hooks on the back of the door and a bar on the wall. We'll have to see.

Notice the ceiling of the room. That's right, there's no other lighting besides the medicine cabinet sconces. We're putting in a light fixture/exhaust fan combo that will keep the moisture out of the house but let the light shine right in. 

The window is in good shape and will be painted a nice glossy white to match the new baseboards and cabinetry. We're also re-finishing the door to the bathroom. 

We're using some light aqua blue paint that we already have on the walls. We're all about using what we have! 

Oh, I can't forget to show you our current toilet paper holder. The original plan was to take out this recessed fixture, patch the hole and replace it with a chrome toilet paper holder that isn't recessed. But now I'm thinking I may just paint this one white and replace the icky rod. It'll save us a little money and time, and who really cares if the toilet paper holder is red white or chrome? If anyone has thoughts on the matter, do share.

The cast-iron tub is a beauty and a keeper. We're having it reglazed. The yellowing linoleum, however, is not as appealing. We're going to cover the floor with small, white, octagonal tile.

I stood on the toilet, which we're replacing with one that's taller (a necessity for a couple both over 6'3"), to get this photo. Excuse the mess--this was taken after removing a few tiles. We're going to cover the shower walls in white subway tile to the ceiling. I'll also paint the gold vent cover white and give it plenty of coats of spray poly to prevent rusting.

Here's a closeup of the existing tub fixtures, that will be replace by a set that includes a shower head. The spigot was detached from the wall when Mike bought the house so I'm not sure how much the last owners even used it. The basement bathroom has a shower and if they're like us they just went down there anytime they needed to get clean. I'm so looking forward to using this space!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go rip out more tile. Stay tuned for progress!