The new, old lamp

There's a new light source in the living room these days. It's by no means a new lamp, but I'll venture to guess its never omitted light before.

Any guesses as to what it was before I made it a lamp?
It's the birdcage I first showed you in a wedding peek. We used it in our wedding to hold our cards. Learn more about the history of this beauty in the wedding peek linked above.

Here's how it looks now:
I took some paper I had on hand (the stuff with the fibers and lovely texture in it) and covered the interior of the cage to make a shade. I left the paper off the top section to ensure there was enough ventilation. I'm using a CFL lightbulb, so it automatically won't be generating as much heat.
 Here's a peek at the interior. I took one of the light kits from the hanging lanterns that used to hang over the dining room table. (We took them down recently because we're thinking about re-working the space. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens!)
The light is hanging from the cage's hanging bird rest.
Since the base of the birdcage slides out for easy cleaning, the cord discreetly slides out the bottom.

"I love lamp."


  1. What a great idea. A lovely lamp to be sure! I like your blog. It is fun to see the beautiful results of the spray painting and sanding I saw this summer. I think we can takes this neighborhood back to the 1940's!
    Here are some of my rummage finds:

  2. Love the photos Lisa! Thanks for sharing! Yes, let's!