My Favorite Sister's Birthday

Today is my sister's birthday!
She's my only sister,
my older sister, 
my favorite sister.
She's helpful,
and loving.
She's fun,
and a friend.
She's courageous
and cute.
She lends me a hand--or in the case of the photo above, an oil blotting sheet--
lends me an ear, and lends me money if needed. :)
She stands by my side.
And is a shining example of a loving wife,
and dedicated mother.
We share each others joys and triumphs,
and console the other through the trials (like me with brown hair--yikes!)
We're forever friends,
but family first and foremost.
Which is why I say with great joy and pride: 
"Happy Birthday Sis!"


  1. Oh thank you little sister! This is the sweetest birthday card ever. I will be looking at it often and have a belly ache from laughing so hard at some of these pictures. HILARIOUS. Thank you again. Love you lots.

  2. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday Katie!

  3. Love the old pictures. Seems like yesterday. We'll, not quite. Happy Birthday Katie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Katie! I remember the pink glasses fondly! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Katie. Both this and the post from your "Best Friend and Partner" are absolutely breathtaking. What wonderful birthday gifts. And what beautiful pictures!

  6. Kirsti that is so precious!! Nice job!!! What a sweet thing to do for your sis....and thanks for revealing those fine early childhood hairdos and glasses. I knew I wasn't alone ;) You 2 are both such gorgeous girls!

  7. ah! I love it!!! The old pics are hilarious. Both of you are just beautiful inside and out!