Mini Master Makeover: Going Gray

Bet you thought the next post would be another bathroom update, didn't you?

So did I.

But, as I've said before, I like to keep busy, which usually means I have a pile of projects going on.

So, I painted the master bedroom.


And here's the best part--I didn't even buy a gallon of paint.

The story:

I've been dreaming of a cozy cool gray bedroom for months. I wasn't loving the cream walls with the golden wood of the dressers and the huge gold mirror. And when we picked out the bedding  on our wedding registry (and received--thanks again, aunt Connie!) we talked about a smokey backdrop being just the ticket.

For months I've been saving photos I come across on the internet for inspiration and to help choose the "perfect" gray. I ended up finding it a few weeks ago at True Value (when we were getting stuff for the bathroom) and haven't been able to stop thinking about painting since. But, we're really working to cut our spending, so I hated to just pick up another can of paint when we already have a collection in the basement--some even unopened.

Then, two nights ago, when I was getting the bathroom ready to paint, I decided to pour a little black paint into some robin's egg blue I had in an ice cream pail. It became a fantastic gray-blue color. Genius! I immediately knew this was my solution; I'd mix my own paint from what we already had to come up with the bedroom color.
I painted a swatch on the bedroom wall from the ice cream bucket, then I started painting a little corner as the swatch dried--cause, you know, I'm impatient like that. But when I looked over at the dry swatch I knew it wasn't quite right. So I went back down to my chemistry lab storage room and added a little of this and a bit of that, shook and stirred it up, and painted another swatch. 

I started painting over the little bit that I did in the corner with the first color as the swatch dried, because again, I can't just twiddle my thumbs and wait for paint to dry. It's just not in me.

It still wasn't right. Undaunted, I added some more to come up with my third color--seen on the bottom of the photo above--and it looked a lot better. (By the way, the photo above is not as true to life as it should be, it's much yellower.) I started painting the corner again and continued around another wall. I was unsure about the color, but voyaged on--partly because I thought it'd be an ok color to live with, and partly because my ice cream bucket was nearly full and couldn't have anything added to it. Soon, it was 11 p.m. and I needed to call it a night. I could start to see that the color was drying to a much bluer shade than I wanted. I couldn't live with it after all. I'd fix it later.
The next day, yesterday, I did just that.
Instead of trying to salvage my ice-cream bucket color, I decided to take a mostly full gallon of white paint and pour a little black into, omitting all blue from the equation. A few hefty stirs later, I was excited. It was looking great. Not quite dark enough, but still great. A little bit of black and vigorous stirring led to the perfect color. LOVED IT.
Here's how it looked at midnight when I was done. Don't you love how the golden wood pops against the gray backdrop? It makes me perma-smile.
And the bedding is looking lovely.

Ok, I know things are still a little rough, but keep in mind I took these right after I was done.
At 12 p.m.
In the middle of the night.
None of the furniture was even touching the walls yet.
Pretty nice when you think of it that way, eh?

I'll post more photos once things are looking a bit more finished.

The bedroom mini-makeover has begun!


  1. I love it! -Heidi