Christmas review

All is well with the newlyweds. We just celebrated our first Christmas together--without my family, without being at the farm in GriggsDakota, and without Mike taking off work--and are about to do the same for New Year's Eve. It's been quite an adjustment for this family-loving farm girl. But the first Christmas in our house was wonderful.

 I snapped a few photos of the decorations. They're so great that I hate to have to put them away. The photos will have to satisfy me after they get torn down this weekend.

Most of our fresh tree's ornaments are gifts I've received over the years. But we've purchased a few since our May nuptials. Like the Mickey one from our Disneymoon.

 The nativity went up.

The stockings were hung...on the wall.

Wreaths on both sides of the door. This is the interior wreath. I'm hoping to show you our outdoor decorations after this blizzard lets up and I can stand out in the yard with the camera without getting pelted with icy winds and snow.
The hole in the couch has been cleverly hidden by a Christmas blanket. I'll have to get a non-holiday throw to put there. It sure beats seeing the foam-oozing slit that's growing on the front of the cushion.

I love this wooden advent wreath.

My younger brother decorated a gingerbread house with me when he visited for a few days. Check out the awesome snowman that lives there. That little guy was all Joe.
And he thinks he's not creative. Psh!

Christmas tunes started on our stereo on November 1. And they're still going. Yes, I am listening to them now. Yes, I plan to stop after the new year. But yes, I may change my mind.

Happy New Year from our house to yours!


  1. Kirsti, Your tree is gorgeous! Love the garland!
    Winsome and lovely are words that come to mind when
    you show us your home.

  2. Angie, Thank you so much! Truth be told, I think of you and Vienna each time I write a post. :)

  3. Can you be my personal and professional decorator? I love your style KRLC. You are talented.

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