Halloween 2010

We went to the farm for cousins Scott and Elizabeth's halloween party. Though it was Mom and brother Joe's birthday, neither of them were around on Saturday. Robbie came for it and we three got dolled up, stopping by Grandma and Grandpa's house for photos before heading over to the party. Robbie was a cowboy. Mike was a safari hunter and I was Mike's catch, a Zebra.
 Cousin Mark's beauty rivaled his lovely wife Sami's--ok not really. His own son, also known as Spiderman, didn't want to be held by him. 
Spiderman also started crying when I held him. I guess he doesn't like African animals either. 
 Elizabeth, the gracious host of the evening, was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with sparkly red shoes. 
Mike and Robbie painted the stripes in my hair. After finishing, they read "do not use if you've colored your hair within a year" on the side of the bottle. Opps! I was nervous what the effects would be. Happily, everything washed out and I'm back to my blonde (yes, unnaturally so) self.

We had a fun, family-filled time.


  1. I LOVE the pics and am sad we missed the big bash but we had our own prairie fun. Next year we need to end up at the same party! Miss you lots sister.

  2. PS...can we get a blog post with your new fab lamp soon?

  3. And one more comment from me...I couldn't let it slide any longer. You spelled HALLOWEEN wrong on your title which really makes me laugh out loud. Some things never ever change!

  4. Yes, I am about 3 months late posting on this...due to my insomnia (and my annoying cat!) I am awake at 4 AM and have been awake for hours. Catching up on your blog---you inspire me to attempt DIY projects!! I need your creative brain!! Anyways, that zebra dress looks so familiar, you make it look awesome! :)

  5. Ah, thanks Amber--for the dress and the compliment!