Social media improving my social life

I love the internet community. It's such a wonderful tool with so many capabilities and applications.
I love online social networking. It's an exciting new avenue of communication that is changing the way the world works. I get to delve into it as a part of my job--did I mention I love my job--and enjoy learning about the world of social media whenever possible.
I've had many adventures as a result of my online activity, whether it be planning a get-together with friends while chatting on Facebook, getting home decorating ideas from online magazines, reading and writing reviews for my favorite--and sometimes least favorite--products, or expanding my industry knowledge through Twitter's constant information feed. Yes, social media has woven its fingers through mine and we explore the ever-evolving path it takes me on together. It's a tool I have come to depend on in most aspects of my life.
Today I can mark another check on my internet-related bucket list:
I met, in person, my first friend made through blogging.
Carli from "We're Hitched!" recently moved with her husband to North Dakota from Alaska. I first found Carli on a post she had written on a wedding message board for North Dakota brides. She was planning her wedding (as was I) and though wasn't to be married in ND, talked about how she'd become a North Dakota bride days after her wedding, when she'd move to the state with her soon-to-be-husband, Joe. The post linked to her own blog, where I got to read about her wedding plans (Be E A Utiful!)
I added the blog to my favorites, checking back every once in a while to see how she was doing with the wedding, move, and newlywed life.
Then, a couple months ago, I saw a photo on her blog of a recently-married couple's wedding that some friends of Mike and I attended last year. Oh. My. Goodness. What a small world.
I felt like this was God's little push for me to contact her. I'd been planning to do so for months, wanting to make sure she was enjoying her new life, but couldn't think of what to say that didn't sound slightly creepy or stalker-ish. Now, I had a topic. I contacted her. Quickly we developed an online friendship. We've been scheming to meet ever since.
Today was the day. I was in Bismarck for work and was able to meet Carli at Starbucks after my conference was over for the day. We chatted over cups of caffeinated goodness--occasionally experiencing the "there is so much to talk about but I can't think of a thing to say" awkwardness that occurs when you're getting to know someone. It was hardly a deterrent. We are going to be great friends.
We had plans to go to a local pumpkin patch with our hubbies, but Mike ended up haveing to get back home for work-related reasons. However, I did get a promise from my sweet husband to come back with me sometime in the next month for a pumpkin patch adventure with Joe and Carli. Can't wait!
Having a friend like Carli is such a blessing. I'm thrilled that God is putting other young Christian married women in my life.
And once again, social media has grabbed me by the hand for another wild ride.


  1. Yay! This is wonderful! Can I steal some pictures for a post myself? I really like the one of our heads.. :P

    Our little coffee date was really wonderful! Meeting with you was such a blessing, and I am looking forward to seeing you and Mike again.

  2. Hi Carli! Glad you like the photos. Yes, I'll email you them.