Master Bedroom: art, lamps, mirrors, oh my!

We've been turning our decorating attention to the master bedroom lately. There's some spiffy results to show for it.
I've been trying to figure out what to put on the wall next to our garage sale mirror for months. My favorite idea was hanging the vintage silver platters we used for wedding decor in a pattern with some empty black frames I've had for years. 
I laid out the design on the floor, tweaked it until it was the perfect amount of purposeful randomness, and hung it with a few nails, hammer and level--have to make sure those frames are straight! It was an inexpensive project, only having to purchase five plate-hanging brackets for about $1.75 each. And we both love how it turned out.
We placed my trusty full-size wall mirror from my college dorm days on the long dresser. We love how it (a.) adds brightness to the space (b.) neatens the look of the surface (c.) adds a little glamour to our the fabulous mid-century modern piece
I also finally found the perfect lampshades for this pair of garage sale steals--$3.00 for the pair of lamps! The shades they came with were falling apart. I first looked for online tutorials about recovering lampshades, but realized the existing frames were too bent to salvage. So then we started looking at buying two new lampshades, which unbeknownst to me can get very expensive. $100 or more per lampshade? No thank you.
So we started looking at our favorite discount stores for just the right casual, drum-style shade. I found these at Walmart for just under $15 each--now that's more like it! They downplay the formal shape of the base beautifully with their modern esthetic.
Notice something? Like the glowing spherical base of the lamps?

We put LED night light bulbs into the little sockets that light the spheres. Actually, it was an unintentional purchase, but we love it, and are planning to switch the colors with the seasons. 


  1. Hi Kristi
    Your house looks very cute! I noticed right away your rocks in front...looks like we have another rock hound in the family! I think it is genetic, passed down from Grandpa Oscar, Sr.! They look nice, and your Mom told me you guys collected them from Mike's Mom and Dad's. Nice!

  2. Hi Holly! Thanks! Yes, the rocks remind me of the rock garden at the farm too. Mike even wants to put a rock fountain and lilly pool in the backyard--then we'd really be like Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Signa! :) I'm sorry we didn't get to see you when you were here recently. I know Mom and Grandma loved seeing you!