One game for two occasions

It doesn't take someone long after meeting me to realize that I have a strong affection for my alma mater Jamestown College. So, it's with the greatest pleasure that I say:

Jimmie Football kicked off their 2010 season today!

It was a great game with three--yes three--overtimes resulting in a big old V getting written next to Jamestown in the score book. Jamestown College, 56; Peru State College (from Nebraska), 54. Yay Jimmies!
But, perhaps more exciting than the game itself was that my two brothers, nephew and Dad gave up a beautiful farming day to come tailgate and cheer with us.
 Mike's Dad and youngest brother even joined us on the sidelines. (His Mom was there but missed her photo op.) Fellow alumni and friends were in the party too.
Why the large group of family and friends?
Because today the College community honored my husband for saving the lives of three football players in August. (Find the newspaper article describing the incident here.) 
Before the start of the game the three athletes and head coach Bud Etzold presented Mike with a signed football and an all-conference sporting event pass, which means he gets in free to any athletic event, in any location within the conference. (Sounds like a great excuse for some road-trips to me!)
You may notice the measly size of the crowd on the other side of the field. Remember I told you the opponent was from Nebraska. That's a long way for a fan to drive! The bleachers on our side were packed. We are a small school, but not that small!
I, of course, started tearing up as Mike's name echoed across the stadium, causing hundreds of fans to rise to their feet in appreciative applause. It was a proud moment as his wife, and also a proud moment as an alumni of a school that takes the time to say thank you to those who hear it least and deserve it most. 
We are blessed!


  1. Yey Mikey! I got teary eyed from reading this lol! -Heidi

  2. What a nice post, Kirst...I must say, I wiped a few tears myself. What a nice tribute for Mikey...awesome!!

    R and "boys"