Happy Birthday Hubby

We celebrated this mucho muchacho's birthday this weekend. Free dessert is always worth having "Feliz cumplianos" sung and a sombrero plopped on your head. Always.
 Dinner with Mom, Dad, Katie, Nathan and kids was a blast. If you haven't been to Jamestown's new Mexican restaurant, La Careta, go. It's deeeee-licious!
 Mike's family came over with Chinese takeout for the second birthday party. Our dining room table doesn't seat 8, but apparently our coffee table does. 
Note: we got to meet one brother's new girlfriend. Mike and I realized we were the "older brother and his wife" that she was meeting while "going to their house for a family dinner." That made us feel old. Ha.
 I can't help but share this adorable photo, that totally encapsulates Mike's twin brothers. Here they are, leaning in and speaking Arabic to one another. Not only that, they're wearing the same shirt--unintentional, but both were too stubborn to be the first to change clothes. Love it.
Mike gets a homemade cheesecake from me on his birthday. Last year it was mocha. This year is Layered Turtle Cheesecake. Yum. 
Feliz cumplianos a Mike!


  1. Looks like fun, Kirst!! Happy birthday Mike!!

    R and "boys"

  2. I want a piece of that cheesecake!!! I heard all about it and maybe I get one for my birthday??? Love the pic of D & D. Yes you are the older, mature couple now. So funny to think because that means NP & I are the really really old married couple. Love ya. Happy Birthday Mike!

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