Decorating for Fall

Once upon a time, in a little house on a hill, a new homeowner noticed leaves changing outside her kitchen window. 

"Hmm," she thought. "The seasons are changing; autumn will soon be here. The nights are growing cooler, the sun isn't as near. This makes me a little sad, knowing summer's at an end."
Then she began to look around her house. "It's time to put some things away," she said to herself, feeling rather blue. 
"The weather says it's autumn, but my summer decorations still look new."
There's a pillow with birdies sitting in a row.  Pink candles all aglow.
A vase with crystal rosebuds sits up high, waiting for light to catch it's eye. 

She carefully packed up her light and airy decorations, storing them away. Then looking around, the new homeowner thought "What should I put out instead?"
The new homeowner placed some pumpkins outside her door, knowing they wouldn't last outside for long. "Canned pumpkin is not to be found. These will make pumpkin treats and soon be gone."
More pumpkins and gourds went out on the kitchen table. 
"I'll cook these too, when I'm able."
Then the new homeowner went around the living and dining room, adding touches of orange, purple and gold.
The colors were like the leaves outside, changing from the cold.
She placed orange and printed pillows, unwrapped a pumpkin-scented candle. 
Antler sheds placed here and there reminded her of deer hunting, a favorite autumn pastime.
She poured potpourri into a bowl on the table, placed orange candlesticks on each side. Then the new homeowner put candles, a vase and alters on a shelf up high. 
 After hanging a wreath on the front door, she turned around and said. 
"Come on autumn, I'm ready for you to come. No more mourning for summer's heat and flowers. I'm ready for some fall fun."


  1. How about some trade? I found the Capiz shell lamp for you coming to decorate and organize at my house? Deal?
    Love the pictures.

  2. Love the photos (how do you do those??) and your decorating ideas!! Happy Fall!! R and "boys"

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