Rockin' the front yard

The next time you visit us in our happy little home, you'll see some new landscaping.
We've been hauling rocks.
Moving dirt.
Placing sod.
And transplanting perennials.
There's even some fresh, black dirt to help our pretty plants thrive for years to come.
The best part of the project? The price!
Let's look at a cost break down:
Rocks (from Mike's parents rocky hillside yard) --  Free
Dirt (from the compost pile at Mike's parents)  --  Free
Sod for on top of the rock retaining wall (from the areas of our yard we dug up)  --  Free
Day lilies (from our back yard)  --  Free
Cone flowers, decorative sunflowers, and pink peonies (from our friends Connie and Oren)  -- Free
Pink lilies and pink daisies (a gift from my parents)  --  Free
Total cost of materials: FREE!

This is on the first segment of our plan to rock out the yard. This rock show has only just begun! --forgive the puns. They're just too hard to resist. :)