Garage Door Upgrade

The garage door will be getting a fresh coat of paint soon, which has me thinking about my ideal door for our cute little home. 

Let me share my ideas through a virtual slough of digital mock-ups I did with the magic of Photoshop. 

Here's what it looks like now:
It's a great little door. Insulated, but in need of a fresh perspective, especially now that the rest of the house is looking so snazzy in it's newly-painted existence (excuse this photo; it's taken a few weeks ago and doesn't show the current state of the exterior painting project.)

Mike and I both love the look of the faux carriage house doors that are becoming increasingly popular. Here's an example of a door that we particularly love:
Notice the cute side brackets, vintage looking handles in the center, and the windows at the top that are placed so that from a distance--like the street--it looks like the one door could be two that open in the retro fashion, down the middle. LOVE IT!

And here's an image of that door on our house:
Isn't it cute?!? If money were no object (IF ONLY) we'd probably just buy that little beauty and take our old one to the closest Habitat for Humanity salvage store...but, we don't want to replace a perfectly good door for purely esthetic reasons. Just can't justify the unneeded expense. 
(I can picture my Dad smiling as he reads this, thinking I may've discovered a bit about real life and money. Yes Dad, I'm learning!)
Sooooo, we decided to bring some of those key elements of the inspiration door into the current door's re-do. Namely, those cute little brackets on the side, the windows on the top and two handles in the middle.

And, to help my hubby visualize my crazy idea a bit better, I whipped up examples of the oh-so-thrilling possibilities. There's even three color options. I know, exciting, right?!

Here's our existing door with the carriage house door details, and painted white:
The plan is to paint the center sections of the top squares black and finish them off by applying trim and moulding around the edges and center like windows. Then, we'll apply the brackets and handles in a way that is both visually appealing and doesn't interfere with the functionality of the door.

And here's the same idea, only painted in the same light blue that's on the peak of the house:

And here it is painted the darker blue of the cedar shake siding:

So what's your opinion? 
Do you think it's going to work; a do-it-yourself faux carriage door? And which color do you like best--white, light blue, or dark blue?  
Mike and I have discussed it a lot but I'm still a bit nervous. I don't want it turning out looking cheap or slapped together. Quality counts! 
What do you think about the project?


  1. Kirsti--wow the house looks great!

    I will need to come and see it!

    My vote--either white carriage door or dark blue carriage door!

  2. I like white too....Auntie R

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