Exterior Painting Update

We're making progress! Two coats of light blue are on the peak's plank siding means it's done. The shakes on the front have two coats as well, also making them finished. We've started painting the trim, but only as far as one coat on about half of the front. Still, the scaffolding is down and we're feeling great!
I love how the brick foundation looks with the new colors. The contrast is beautiful.
One coat has been applied to a second wall. It was a busy weekend, but we're feeling good about all we accomplished despite the heat and humidity.


  1. Your house is cute Kirsti! :) I 'm following you now through Katie's blog. I of course need one more blog to offer some distraction! :) It was nice to meet you the other day!

  2. Love IT! Miss you guys! -Heidi :)

  3. Looks good Kirst and Mike!! WOW!! Miss you guys!!

    Aunt R.