A cake to make & bake

Last Saturday, as most of you probably read on the blogs my mom and sister do, my Dad celebrated a birthday. (I'll leave out Dad's age; this is the internet after all. Yes, one has to be careful, even in La La Land.)

My husband also happened to have last weekend off from work (YAY!) so we decided it was the perfect weekend for a quick trip home--I mean to the farm. Because I no longer live at the farm, therefore should get used to not calling it home. My home now is this cute little place I've been sharing photos of. (Old habits die hard.)

I called Mom on Friday to let her know our plans and make sure it worked with theirs.

"I'll bring the cake," I said with an air of confidence. No, I had never made a cake from scratch before.  And yes, I did have a box of cake mix in the pantry--just in case.

I spent Saturday afternoon in the kitchen making a mess baking a cake for my Dad. I chose this recipe from Taste of Home (my trusted resource) because (a) Dad doesn't love chocolate and (b) Dad LOVES Hawaiian Blizzards from DQ--like the coconut frosting--and loves orange juice--like the orange filling. It was the perfect fit.
I purchased my ingredients on Saturday morning, and also snagged another nine-inch round layer cake pan. This was after realizing the bakeware set on my wedding registry only put two in my cupboard. I just couldn't have a four layer cake when the name was six layers--just couldn't.

Everything went smoothly. The leftover batter, filling and frosting especially went smoothly...down my throat when it was time to lick the bowls clean. No, this time I didn't chew a piece of mint gum while cooking to avoid sampling; shame on me.

Grandma and Mom were there when I needed them, as always. This time, Grandma helped me learn about cake flour vs. regular flour and what I should do if I run out of cake flour. (I knew there was something I forgot to put on the grocery list!) Thanks for your help Grandma! Side-note: It's such a blessing to have a grandma and mom who are such excellent bakers (and cooks, and seamstresses, and gardeners; the list goes on and on.)
Once assembled and decorated, the masterpiece sat in the fridge overnight. I admit I half-expected to find it somehow ruined in the morning. Visions of six delicate layers slipping off our beautiful cake plate onto the plexiglass shelves beneath weaved throughout my dreams--ok not really, but I was a bit nervous.
We got up early on Sunday to make it in time for church at the farm. I packed that bundle of joy in a box with a towel around the base and plastic wrap draped over top; then said a quick prayer before carrying it out to the car. It rode in my lap. The whole time. I told you I was nervous!
Church was fantastic and dinner prepared by Mom was amazing as always. Everyone enjoyed the cake, especially Dad.

p.s. Today is Hunter's birthday--I can't believe my nephew is a teen! He and his sisters are coming for a visit this weekend, which means I get to make another cake! I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I thought you don't publish how old people are in La La Internet land? But Hunter is a teen? The cake looks fabulous and I heard rave reviews from Mom and Dad. Are you pretty please delivering one to me in January? With pink frosting? Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Can I say that in La La Land? :) Love ya.

  2. Haha Katie, you got me there! Here's my reasoning: Hunter's age is published on your blog, which is linked to in this post. Therefore, anyone can find out his age when they click over. I can take it off if you prefer.