Living Room/Dining Room Progress

We're continuing the move-in process by adding things to our home. Here's a look at our front room and the latest additions to our decor.
Lanterns above our dining room table offer some much-needed light to our dining area. Now if only we had dining chairs. Those will be coming later on in the year--we already have some picked out and are saving our pennies in preparation.
The zebra rug is one of my favorite things in the room. 
The orange side chair has a recovering in its future, but that's a story I'll tell another time.
My kind parents made a trip on a Sunday afternoon to bring us this dish cupboard and then took us out to dinner. We love you Mom and Dad!
You may also notice that one of the three lanterns has a black bamboo leaf pattern on it. We bought that while in Japan on our honeymoon.....in Epcot. It's a beautiful reminder of the fun we had Disneymooning.
We added a photo collage to the hallway wall--filled it with wedding photos primarily. What can I say, it was the best day of my life!
We hung the "Just Married" window cling from the wedding getaway car on the mirror. I've toyed with the idea of taking it down, but can't bring myself to do it. Check back in a year and maybe--just maybe--it will be gone.
I bought these tables a couple weeks ago; $10 for the pair at a yard sale. Two cans of matte black spray paint later, we have clean modern side tables for the dining room. I. Love. Yard. Sales.


  1. Beautiful Kirsti! I love what you have done. You have such a unique style. Come visit my house more often please...
    Your not unique sister.

  2. Is that really your house? Looks like it should be in a magazine! I love the "just married" sign...you should keep it up forever! And I love the painting of the praying man...I've seen that before...