The fruits [vegetables] [herbs] of my labor

One of the best things about our house is our yard. Maybe it's the farmer in me, but I love our little chunk of earth. The lawn is a little patchy, and the flower beds a bit weedy, but they are ours, and I love them.
We were curious what summer would reveal in the yard, having bought the house in the winter. A brave lilly is our only perennial that popped up this spring. We love the orange buds--cheer for Jamestown College!
My mom wisely advised me to not try and start a garden this spring. Apparently, she thought starting a new job, planning a wedding, and living in partial-limbo until we said "I do" and I actually moved into the house was enough to make caring for a garden difficult. And, she was right. Thank you Mom.

However, I did manage to get a few edibles into containers. 
Tomatoes are in a pot by the front door. (p.s. Love my fabulously flowered watering can? ME TOO! It was a gift from Miss V and Mrs. A, otherwise known as the Baltimore girls. It's as pretty as the flowers it feeds!) 
And, my first tomatoes of the season are ripening in my kitchen window. Yum!

We also get to enjoy fresh herbs. 
What's that? Would I like some homemade pesto with basil from my own garden? Yes please!
My other herbs are also doing well, except for my cilantro, which went into seed while I was away for a couple days and became coriander (the two herbs are one in the same--who knew?!?) but that's a story that still makes me sad. Let's just say my homemade salsa has suffered to the point of non-existence because of it.
And like every good Dakotan knows, if I want rhubarb next year, I have to get it started this year. Rhubarb sauce, here I come!
We also have some chives started. They taste so delicious.

Someday we'll have vegetables, berries, flowers, and more. But while talk is cheap and easy, we know reality isn't, so we're taking it all in stride.