Fast, fresh, and fun: Spray painting

Spray painting is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to update my favorite garage sale finds. It's also pretty fun to see the transformation of someone's outcast piece into one I adore and will love for years. Therefore, I love to spray paint and do it often.

Here are items that I've hit while armed with a can:
Mismatched photo frames now made cohesive.
Crackle-finish corbels are shiny; deer sheds from the GriggsDakota fields are cleaner and brighter; dated, gold side tables are a more up-to-date black.
This awesome mirror had a royal blue and gold frame when I bought it at a prairie consignment shop. It was in excellent condition, and even has a beveled edge on the mirror itself. I'm thankful for the crazy paint color--the price was lower because of it!
And now, my latest target, the blade brackets on the fan in the guest bedroom. Remember what this room looked like when Mike bought the house in December? It's come a long way since then, and I'll post pictures of it soon, but for now, let's fix this potentially fabulous fixture.

Ha. Look what's on the top of the fan blades. Too bad it's not the Vikings, or I just may be tempted to turn those blades over and show some pride. Apparently I'm not the first refinisher to live in this house.
The blue brackets are nothing a little silver spray paint can't fix.
Voila! So much better.
I decided to put the blades back up without painting over the yellow. After all, yellow and silver is a hot color combo right now! But....I don't know. After seeing it up there I'm thinking we should go with something a little less obtrusive like white.
What do you think? Leave the fan blades yellow, or coat those bad boys with some white semi-gloss? I really can't decide, so do chime in and help me out.


  1. White Semi-Gloss is my vote.

  2. I agree with Kate...if you want the fan to be the focal point, then leave them yellow...if not, paint those bad boys! I love your style, Kirsti!

  3. Love your decorating style!! I would also paing the fan white!! Thanks for sharing your decorating advice and finds. . . I will have to try some of your ideas.

  4. Thanks you guys! I spent some time lying on the guest bed staring up at the fan and now totally think you are right. White paint, here I come!