So, we're married!! And, we're back from the honeymoon--the Disney-style, magical week of marital bliss--or as we now call it, the Disneymoon.

I don't have any photos from the big day yet, but I do have a handful from the Disneymoon. More are on the way, but here's a quick recap.

One very early morning flight meant we were immersed in the magic 10 hours after we left the reception. Awesome.
Mikey slept on the plane. I didn't.

Welcome to the most magical place on earth!

We explored all the parks in the 7 days we were there. I don't have all the photos of them yet, but we will!

We ate. And ate. And ate. And it was all amazing. Yum.

Look what we found when we returned to our room on the first night; a tray of chocolates and a card from our concierges wishing us a happy honeymoon. We love those folks.

Did I mention we had amazing food. Like this apple covered in carmel, chocolate, white chocolate and pink sugar. I've never seen Minnie Mouse look so good. Mike loved it too, but he was camera shy while chomping into the treat.

We got bride and groom mouse ears, complete with our names embroidered on the backside. 
Then we tried to act serious while wearing them...

but that didn't last long.

Disneymooning: we highly recommend it.


  1. love the Disneymooning photos!! Welcome back to reality and newlywed bliss!! R

  2. I love seeing how completely and utterly happy you are on all the pictures. So much fun! You will be laughing and talking about Disneymooning your entire marriage. Love ya.