Wedding Peek #10

On Saturday, March 6, Mike and I went to Mayville to get our photo taken by Ron and Toni at Jacobson Studio. Even though Mike was in tons of pain from his recently broken foot, the photo turned out great.
A few days later they emailed it to me. Mike and I consulted our mothers and came up with a list of newspapers we should submit the announcement to, so if you get any of the following papers, look for our pretty faces in the days to come. Or you can go the the listed websites and view them there.

Griggs County Centennial Courier: will appear 4/2

Aneta Star: will appear 4/2

Northwood Gleaner: will appear 4/5 or 4/12 

Jamestown Sun: will appear 4/7

Fargo Forum: will appear 4/11 

South County Spotlight: will tentatively appear 4/7

The Chronicle: will appear 4/7 or 4/14

Grand Forks Herald: will appear 4/11