New (to us) Furniture

Mike and I drove his Chevy Yukon to the farm hauling his Dad's trailer a few weeks ago. Our purpose: hauling our new-to-us hand-me-down free furniture from uncle Jim, Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, and cousins Don and Joan.

We are fortunate to have generous family who want to help us fill our home with beautiful furniture that's been loved for years. We are also fortunate we only have to haul it 90 miles.

Now, the garage is full until we finish overhauling the rooms the new pieces will go in. This is the night stand from the bedroom set that I've been sleeping on for years. It's art deco styling is awesome!

We're excited to refinish the drop-leaf table that was the dining room table in my parents first house--love that history. Should have taken a picture of it for you, but you'll just have to come and see it when it's done. 

This fabulous couch was Joan's aunt's. I LOVE it. Notice the curved line of the backrest--so cool.

It was custom-made years ago. I like auntie's style very much!

We've placed some of our new stuff in rooms already. Mom bought the cedar chest (along the back wall) at cousin Thoris's auction last fall. The dresser (on the left) was assembled by my great-grandpa and has had a home at Jim's for many years. We love the mid-century modern look of the dresser; this piece is a favorite.

Now we have to find a time to take the trailer up north and get the rest of our "new" furniture. 


  1. I didn't buy a single piece of new furniture other than beds until I was 30 years old! Free furniture is useful and needed in your 20's And you love OLD things so you might have it forever.

  2. Love the furniture Kirst!! How fun!! Rennae

  3. Awesome furniture! I especially love the couch!


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