Living room: Laying in the floors

TA-DA! Look at our living room. It's coming along beautifully! 
Major changes to take note of: the floors(!!!), walls, curtains, furniture, and accessories--yep, everything in the picture is important. But, for now, let's focus on the piece de resistance.

The floors. 
Mike did a lot of back-breaking labor to get them to this point. Thanks to our favorite lumberyard located in nearby Wishek and the generous wedding gift of their owners (thanks Katie, Nathan and crew!) we were able to afford laminate flooring. We're thrilled.

I came back from the farm last weekend to Mike laying flooring and his brother Andrew removing staples and tac-strips left from the old carpet. They were a hard-working crew.

Thank you Andrew!

Here it is: the last piece of flooring. Needless to say, Mike was excited.

It was a tight fit but went in without a hitch thanks to Mike's skills. 
We'll install the baseboards this weekend. Then the room will be done!


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