Weekends with my Lana

Oh how I love the weekend visits I've been having from my Lana!
Sunday, March 7: She surprised me by showing up and asking for a late-evening chat at TCBY. What a treat!

Saturday, March 13: She was back and helped Mike and me paint late into the night. The next morning us girls got up and went to church together--just like we did as roommates.

Saturday, March 20: She's back to help--with painting and wedding invitations. What a girl. The highlight was lunch at the new mexican restaurant after church on Sunday.

Lana and I met on the first day of freshman orientation, became roommates a few months later, and lived together ever since. After we graduated in December, she moved to Bismarck to start teaching and live with friends. I miss her, to say the least. 

I won't see her this weekend--Mike and I are going to the farm tonight--and I'm a little sad. Can't wait for the next time she calls and says she's on her way!


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