Replacing the floors: Chapter 4

The floors are stained, varnished and DONE (note to my family--I spelled it correctly this time!)

Let's walk through a quick recap of what it took to get to this beautiful point of practically perfect flooring under our feet. 
1. After sanding, we applied two coats of stain.

2. The smell was awful. It penetrated every inch of the house. No piece of clothing was spared from reeking like the fumes. (In case you are confused by the above photo, Mike is demonstrating how the disgusting smell practically kills him. Ok, that's slightly overdramatic, but it was really bad.)
3. After letting the stain dry completely, it was time to apply the poly. Mike did two coats over a period of three days.
4. Then we waited. For a whole week. It was hard. To put it lightly. 
But, we are so proud of the end result.