Replacing the floors: Chapter 3

Yep, we're still working on the floors!

After all the carpet was removed, tack-strips pulled up and staples expelled from the floors, the next step was...
Mike rented a floor sander from our local hardware store and was determined to get it all done in an evening to avoid being charged for more than one day. So, we spent an exciting Friday night sanding the floors--a new addition to our list of date-night activities.

He was happy to let me have a try. I was happy to take control of the beast.

We went over all the floors at least three times with a different grade sandpaper each time to achieve the desired smoothness. Then we took a hand sander around the edges to cover any areas the beast missed.

I quickly learned there are two things you MUST do immediately after sanding floors.

1. Clean the sawdust off yourself. (I know, it is an awful pic, but can you believe those little pockets of dust on the sides of my nose??? Yuck!)

2. Clean the sawdust off everything else.

Once we finished both of those chores, it was time to move on to Chapter 4 of the floor refinishing saga...