Cooking lessons with Julia

Since Mike and I became engaged last June, I have been teaching myself how to cook. It's time. Mama Jane will no longer be fixing me wonderful meals when I come home. It's my turn to provide.
I've discovered a love of recipes and cookbooks since embarking. It was surprising at first, because I didn't know if I liked to cook. I've never needed to cook with Mom and Grandma around. Now that I'm on my own, it's an adventure I throughly enjoy.

I have many teachers giving me lessons. Sometimes it's a quick phone call to Mom or Grandma with questions about my latest endeavor and the ingredients or methods required.

Another trusted resource is Taste of Home--the magazines, cookbooks, and website. The cookbook was a Christmas gift, and it came with a free subscription of the magazine, which led me to the website. All are excellent.

But, my favorite cooking instructor is Julia. Yes, Julia Child and I are on first name basis. Julia teaches me through my favorite cookbook, "In Julia Child's Kitchen." This is not the book that is featured in the movie "Julie and Julia"--which I love, by the way.
Mom lent me the book last fall. She promised it was wonderful. I was skeptical. I've seen Julia's cooking shows as a child and I remember thinking it seemed like a lot of work. But I breathed a sigh of relief when Julia told me in the introduction of the book that she's written it for even the most novis of cook. Thank goodness.
I've been reading it cover to cover, not making every recipe I come across (I am poor and on a pre-wedding health plan) but reading every word of it. Sometimes I can't help but try the methods out.
Like last fall, when Julia taught me in my dorm apartment kitchen how to poach eggs--a bubbly but delicious adventure.
Or on Sunday, when Mike and I practiced making French omelettes--successfully flipping the eggs into their folded shape with a single jerk of the pan. And, my parents and Joe were lucky enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor--spinach, sun-dried tomato, bacon and gorgonzola French omelettes. Yum.
So, stop in sometime (let me know beforehand so I'm not at Heidi's house) and maybe I'll have another recipe to try out.


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