Wedding Peek #8

Check out this bird cage and stand. I am told that it once belonged to my Great Great Grandma Kirsti--yep, the woman I'm named after. Awesome, right? Mom bought it before I was born at the Engen auction. What a great buy!

So, we have a specific wedding purpose for it. Can anyone guess what it is? Leave your best guess for me in the comments section. Who knows, maybe I'll reveal its purpose if you guess it correctly.


  1. Most likely to hold a small bird? Or maybe a large bird? Or possibly the chicken (prior to death) that we are going to have for the reception meal?

  2. No, No, No! You are training a white homing pigeon to which will be released at the moment of ultimate drama during your wedding ceremony in the chapel. It will circle the room, high up in the rafters then fly into the bird cage where Mike will pull on a delicate white satin ribbon and retrieve your wedding rings. Bird in cage. Rings on. Ready for Happily Ever After!

  3. A place to put the cards that the guests bring?