Wedding Peek #5

In mid January, I traveled down to visit my favorite sister and her family. The trip was for multiple purposes. 
1) To practice and learn interviewing skills from two business professionals--no I don't mean Elissa, Anika, or Hunter. 
2) To meet with Ron, the talented local florist who will be doing our wedding flowers. 
3) To have Erin, Katie's hairstylist, perform a little magic on my hair.
4) To spend some time with those sweet kids--and yes, this time I am referring to my nieces and nephew.

It was a successful trip on all counts. Katie even snapped a few photos of my consultation with Ron for me to share with you. Thanks Kate!

I had a plan, some photos, and a budget, which made the meeting easy. And of course, my trusty Emily Post's Wedding Planner was at my side.

This photo shows my favorite part of the meeting. I found this photo of a bouquet I liked last July and have not seen a bouquet I liked more since then. So I brought the photo to see what Ron thought. He looked at it, read the magazine description, and said, "Oh yeah, we can do this, and we can do it a lot cheaper than they have it for in here!" Music to my ears.

We brought a box of our other decorations to show Ron, giving him a better idea of what we are doing over all. We'll take the same box to our caterer and reception site coordinator when Mom and I meet with them this week. Showing people is always clearer than trying to explain. We like clarity.

It was so fun to complete the flower part of the planning. I love checking things off my list, especially when I know I am turning them over to such capable hands!


  1. Visit us again soon. Ron is a gem on the prairie. You will have lovely flowers on May 29!

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